Late night musings

This is a poem I wrote over the summer about my inability to fall asleep sometimes because I have too many thoughts going on in my head.  Hope you enjoy!


One o’clock and she can’t sleep,
wrapped in late night musings.
Her head starts to nod but up her body jolts,
unable to touch her pillow.
She fixes her eyes out the pane next to her bed,
intruding upon the night.
The world of nighttime is slumbering, it is still.
Black like ink overflows over the land, choking the colors of day.
Her body pleads for rest, but her mind is far from it.
Brimming with life and worlds a thousand galaxies afar,
lit with the fire of thoughts and wonders newly unearthed,
it refuses a trifle like sleep.
Her mind is filled with a kind of wanderlust, it has since the beginning of time.
It craves all places ancient, latest, and unknown.
Places adored by all, and places not touched by the hand of man.
The workings of her mind are the only light in the lonely night besides the moon and stars;
it is the shield against night’s perils.
Her mind wanders onto remembrances of the past,
hazes of faces, places,
shrieks and laughter.
Colors of the sun, blood, skies and screams.
Her reflections then stumble onto the present.
She had collapsed in her bed earlier that night and had strayed into the early hours of morning, hoping to chase her thoughts away.
But the creatures of thought had caught up to her soon enough, and she was unable to will them away.
So she embraced her people instead.
So for now, this dreamer is content to gaze on the night.
Wonder-filled, happy,
and lost.







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