The girl and the road

Here’s another poem!  I wrote this one a while ago.  It’s basically about how as children we live innocently and happily, but as we get older we experience life and see it for how it really is.  Hope you enjoy!


She lives in comfort, she lives in care.
The little girl lives happy and carefree.
All around her, the world is at war.
But she wouldn’t know.
Not in her home.  Not in the village she lives in, nestled in the valley.
There could be no wrong in her world.
She lives in a bliss. She was at peace.
Life was an adventure to her, one she wanted to explore with bright eyes and a wide smile.
She had to travel to the mountain on the other side of her village.
It was time, she was told.
So she tucked her dreams into her pocket,
Fastened hope into her heart.
There could be no wrong out in the world beyond the valley, she told herself.
So she went down the road called life.
The little girl grew up.
Finally, her eyes were opened.
Before, she had been shielded by the valley. Now she saw the world for what it was. It was not the world she had imagined from her home.
It was broken.
All around her, the world was at war.
Death, darkness, and fire.
She heard cries and wails along the road.
The branches along the path fastened onto her clothes, and she struggled to set herself free.
She slipped, she fell.
Her clean white dress was streaked with dirt.
Her hope was slipping out of her reach, little by little.
She didn’t know how to pull it back in.
One day she fell and couldn’t get back up.
She cried out for help, but nobody could save her.
Once, she had only cried tears of joy. Now they were only tears of sadness.
What universe would do something like this?
Something like this, to a little girl?
Something flooded in, black and heavy.
Chocking her, causing her to gasp out for breath.
She had a handful of hope left, and she knew she could fight.
But did she? Did she want to fight anymore?
Would she ever see peace?
Would she ever see happiness?
Was she destined for a life like this?
She decided in that moment.
So she closed her eyes, squeezed onto hope, and fought. She was a fighter.
She crawled, slowly but surely down the path of life.
Sometimes she was tempted to let go and let herself fall.
But she didn’t.
Slowly but surely she stood.
Shaky and unsure at first, but she was standing.
She continued down the road of life.
She slipped at times, and stumbled.
But she always got back up.
She gripped onto the hope she had carried from the beginning.
She found that it was enough to carry her through.
The girl, now a warrior, ran.
Up the mountain she went, climbing up the rocks and cliffs.
She stood at the top, and laughed for joy.
Her first laugh since the journey.
She had crossed the finish line.
Now she could see the valley from the mountain.
And now she understood. The world was broken, and so was she.
But the happiness had not vanished. The joy had not slipped out.
The laughter and smiles and peace were not gone.
The world was broken, but she knew that was fine.
It was fine because it could be fixed. It could be healed.
Just like the little girl.







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