“Hidden” inner strength


So I’ve heard quotes like, “You have so much more hidden strength inside of you than you realize.”  And, “Your strength will come out when you need it most.”
And I always used to like these kinds of quotes, but then one day I realized…I don’t really agree with them.
How I see it: you can start out with little to none inner strength, but through difficult situations, you can gain it.  Strength is something that is created.  
I kind of think of it like training for a race.  You can start out being a completely un athletic person, but if you really want to, through the hard work and struggle of physical training, you’ll start to become a strong runner over time.  You’ll gain muscle and a strong body through the countless exercises.  There will be the ups and downs, and low points, but the important thing is that you must want to continue and not quit.
So I think the same goes for non physical strength.  You can start out having no confidence, no strength-whatever it may be-but through hard situations it can be created.  I don’t think it’s some kind magic superpower you didn’t realize you had.
Just my thoughts.


4 thoughts on ““Hidden” inner strength

  1. I completely agree. It really is something gained, not a hidden gift you just haven’t been forced to unwrap yet. I totally like your analogies. I’ve learned a lot in different situations, and through those I’ve found strength to face the same issues when similar situations arise 🙂

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  2. And those thoughts are something I agree with. You can’t bring out strength if you don’t have it, but if you get hurt, you can get strength from it and build yourself up, better than before. Does that make ANY sense?

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