Human soul

I don’t really know a lot about writing poetry, but here goes!


Sometimes the stars bleed
and out in anguish cries the sky.
And when I look up to the punctured light,
too heavy
does the night weigh on my soul.
Then too does this heart become too heavy to carry,
so I hand it to you.
Sometimes the pain is so beautiful,
it demands to be seen.
An audience of two
an empty theater.
As my heart is broken open,
to view eternity.
Sometimes the days drag on, seeping into the nights
tugging us along when we desire it least.
A train too fast
arriving at the station an hour early.
Sometimes the earth trembles,
and everything in it is turned upside down,
and nothing is what it seems.
But sometimes you take me for what I am
not who I seem.
You take me for all eternity.
And in you I find home.
we’ll paint the skies together, you and I.


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