{Reflections on reading}

I just finished the Book Thief by Markus Zusak (I know I know, everyone has read that book by now, but I bought it last year and got into a huge reading slump for the longest time, so I only finished it now) and wow…

I was just trying to process all of my emotions after finishing it.  It’s one of those books that after reading, you feel like your heart has been ripped out and stomped on the ground over and over…
but you would totally recommend the book! XD
Haha, that’s how I feel about most books I’ve read. ^  And I don’t know what it is, how we can connect to nonexistent people so deeply, so far as to feel their pain and joy, and to laugh and cry along with them.  And to feel like we’ve visited nonexistent places, and wish we could go back to them.

Well, honestly, I’ve never actually cried at a book before.  I’ve teared up before (like I did for this one) but that’s about it.  It kind of makes me feel heartless, because no matter how sad the book might get, or how sad I’ll get, I just can’t cry at it…I don’t know what it is.

But it’s weird how you feel as if a part of you is gone after reading a really good book.  I’ve actually physically missed the characters a couple of months after finishing a book series.

So can you relate?  Have you read The Book Thief, or what’s the last book you’ve read that made you feel this way?

So before I leave, here is one of my favorite quotes from The Book Thief…




7 thoughts on “{Reflections on reading}

  1. OH MY GOSH I LOVE THAT BOOK. I am so happy you’ve read it! And truthfully it doesn’t matter if you haven’t read a book when everyone else has 😉 Just matters if you read it, and The Book Thief…it was a piece of art. What was your favorite part? I too felt like a part of me went when I finished reading it. I too cried and was angered at the intentional SPOILER ALERT Death gave us. I was like “nuu this isn’t how foreshadowing works stahp.”
    Have you seen the movie yet?
    You’re going to cry then too. *uses allll the Book Thief gifs all the time*


    1. Ahhh yes isn’t it amazing?!!! That’s true! Hmm…for me, it would probably be any of the times Liesel and Max were down in the basement, as well as when Liesel would read his stories (especially the word shaker!) What about you?
      Ahh yes!! I had actually already accidently spoiled myself on that part 😛 but I didn’t expect it to be spoiled ahead of time in the book! When I read that part I was like “Whattt? That’s not supposed to happen!!”
      No I haven’t! Is it similar to the book, or pretty different?
      Oh no, more tears to come… 😛

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      1. I loved those parts! Max was awesome! The Book Thief movie follows the book pretty closely actually, and the cinematography is beautiful and the actors who play Liesel and Rudy are really good, and the soundtrack is equally awesome ;-; you might just have to see for yourself though 😉

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