I’m not an INFJ?!

Sooo….today I decided to take the 16 Personalities Test (or Myer Briggs) again, just for fun.

The first time I took the test was about two years ago, and my result was INFP.
The second time I took the test, a couple months ago, my result was INFJ.  Just to make sure, I took it again (then once again on a separate day) and my result still remained INFJ.  The INFJ type described me perfectly, so I knew for sure that one matched me.

Then…today I took the test again.  My result was INFP.  I took it again to make sure.  Still, my result was INFP.
I’m so confused, because INFJ describes me a lot better than INFP.  A lot of the traits for INFP just don’t match me.  So how did that happen?!

Ugh, and this blog was all about me being an INFJ…that’s embarrassing. XD

But still, I think the INFJ type matches me a lot better.  So I’m still gonna identify myself as an INFJ. XD

Has this ever happened to you before?  I’d love to know, so tell me in the comments!





8 thoughts on “I’m not an INFJ?!

    1. That’s true! I’ve always tried to answer the questions honestly, but I guess I’m not that consistent every time…oh that’s interesting! I’ve only ever gotten INFP or INFJ, but never an extraverted type!

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  1. I’ve gotten a million different results: ISFJ, INFJ, ISFP, ENFJ . . . when I’m actually an INFP. xD Tests really aren’t that accurate, since most of them type on the letters instead of the cognitive functions––which are what the types are actually made up of. This is the most accurate quiz I’ve found, since it tests on the functions instead of letters: http://www.keys2cognition.com/explore.htm I’ve also found this post really helpful concerning the functions. http://thoughtcatalog.com/heidi-priebe/2015/06/if-youre-confused-about-your-myers-briggs-personality-type-read-this-an-intro-to-cognitive-functions/ And basically, if you feel INFJ matches you a lot better than INFP does, go with it despite your test results. Hope this was helpful. =)

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  2. Oh wow! XD I’ve only ever gotten those two types, but that would be pretty funny if I got multiple ones. That’s true! Oh cool, I’ll definitely check that out! 🙂 Thanks, it did! I’m not so devastated now. XD

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  3. I ditto the above comments. I too have gotten multiple resutls (ISFJ, INFP, ISTP, etc. when I’m an INFJ), but the INFJ description is so me that I’ve never worried about it. Also, most online tests aren’t very good—not to get too technical, but they often just focus on each letter (I vs. E, etc.) instead of cognitive functions (for instance, introverted intuition, which is the dominant function of we INFJs). All that to say, it’s probably just a faulty test. If INFJ sounds most like you, it’s probably you, so don’t panic! =)

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  4. The test by itself can only help a bit… Ultimately, how you interpret a question or how you feel on a certain day can affect how you answer a question, which can lead to different results. As somebody said above, in addition to taking the test, it’s important to research cognitive functions as well and determine what your function stack is. Finding out your personality type can be a very eye opening experience. Good luck! 🙂

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