10:07 reminder

I am here to tell you…


that you are enough.  That you are more than enough.  That you could not be more enough, even if you tried.  No matter how much makeup you put on your face.  No matter the type of clothes you wear.  No matter the number on the scale.  No matter the amount of friends you have.  No matter how many people in your life care for you or not.  No matter the size of your social media following.


I am also here to tell you…

that you are beautiful.  Yes, YOU.
We’ve all heard it before.  It’s an overused saying.  But do you really believe it, deep down to your core?  Do you believe that you are a work of art, full of worth and value?  Because you are.
No matter what.
No matter your insecurities.  Whether they be physical-your hair, your weight, your height, your eyes-or non physical-your personality, who you are, your flaws, your mistakes.

You are beautiful whether people tell you or not.  You are beautiful whether you live in a big house with a loving family, or struggle financially with a broken home.  You are beautiful whether you wear makeup or not.  You are beautiful whether you always manage to look put together, or are convinced you always look like a trainwreck.

Yes, you’ve been hurt before.  We all have.
Everyone has insecurities.  Everyone has secrets.  Everyone has dark places within them that they’d like to hide from.  Everyone has been mistreated, hurt, and used.  Or maybe not-maybe the problem is that too little has happened.  Maybe you’ve had an absence-an absence of love, an absence of acceptance, an absence of being wanted.
Everyone is broken.  Everyone is damaged.  Everyone has experienced pain and struggle.  Everyone has reached a point where they thought they could no longer continue battling their demons.
And that’s the unfortunate part about the world.  Because you deserve to be loved, you deserve to be treated with respect, you deserve to be accepted, you deserve to be wanted, and you deserve to have peace.  You deserve to be happy, deep down to your core.

So don’t believe the lies of the world telling you that you aren’t good enough.  They are countless-the media, society, magazines, social media.  Telling you to lose a little more weight.  To wear these clothes and look that way to be happy and liked by others.  To change who you are; be less of this, and more of that.

Don’t believe the lies of others.  There will be many people in your life who will try to tear you down, to give you a piece of the pain they have carried around for too long.   Steer clear of these people.  They are hurting, just like you.  But that doesn’t validate them hurting and breaking others apart.

And most importantly-don’t believe the lies you feed yourself.  Your thoughts, your words; they can be incredibly powerful for good, but also destructive.  Uplift yourself, strive to be positive.  If you can listen so intently to your negative thoughts, why do you shut out the positive ones?

So never forgot: you are enough, you are worthy, you are beautiful.  You have so much to offer to the world.  You are deeply loved.  You are deeply wanted.

Prove the world and yourself wrong by marching ahead.





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