Strangers, friends, lovers

A poem I put together today. 


My fingers hurt
but my head is clear.
Pouring out one’s heart on a page
is no easy thing to do.
Yet it has become my lifeline;
without it I would forget how to breathe.
In, out, in out,
has become the battle cry of my heart.
It demands pain, it demands toil,
yet without it I am nothing.
How is it done, you ask?
There has never been a task so simple
yet complex.
I empty my head
and the thoughts tumble out.
I am one with the universe when I pen my thoughts,
it’s secrets are eased
from it’s mouth of steel.
I know this is my destiny;
to be alone with my words.
For they never stray from my side,
while my doorstep is left cold
from the ghosts of my faded friends.
These are my strangers, friends,
My villain, my knight in shining armor.
My hero, my best friend.
For when these strangers, friends
and lovers  arrive
they have a whispered oath
never to abandon my side.


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