Infinity Dreams Blog Award

So I was nominated by Allie for the Infinity Dreams Blog Award!  Thank you Allie! 🙂

The rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you
2. Tell us 11 facts about yourself.
3. Answer the questions that were set for you to answer.
4. Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them.

(welp, here I go trying to come up with 11 facts about myself…)

  1. I have a very wide taste in movies.  My favorite movies of all time include both Disney and Marvel.
  2. I have a really weird sense of humor.
  3. I do online schooling.
  4. I’m Catholic.
  5. I absolutely love sour foods.  I love lemons, and will eat just about any sour candy and dessert.  I love sour lemonade, and hate sickly sweet lemonade and sweet pickles with a burning passion.
  6. I play the violin.
  7. I absolutely love psychology, and want to be a psychologist/counselor.
  8. I’m a huge procrastinator.
  9. I’m a night owl.
  10. I sing all the time even though I can’t sing.
  11. I’m 5’4.


The questions from Allie:

What book (or movie) character embodies your personality?
Hmm…probably Jane from Jane Eyre.

Who/what inspired your love for writing?
Definitely reading.  I loved reading when I was younger, and loved stories, so writing just naturally came from that.

If you could interview one person from the past, present or future, who would you interview and why?
Probably Mary Magdalene.  I would want to see what is was like to be one of Jesus’s disciples, and to be close to Him throughout his life and death.

What’s your most played song right now?
Either Trndsttr (Lucian Remix) or Gold by Kiiara.

What’s your favorite season and why?
I’m gonna be super cliché here and say fall. 😛  I love it’s weather, scenery, fashion, etc.

What MBTI personality type are you?
INFJ, which is pretty obvious if you read my blog. XD

What’s your dream job?  What was your dream job when you were 5?  Why has or hasn’t it changed?
My dream job is to do psychology (along with writing.)  I don’t remember my dream job when I was five…but I do remember my first ever dream job was to be a professional cyclist XD (I have no idea why.)

Who is the blogger you read most?  (Or top 5-10.)
I’m not sure, since I read a lot of bloggers.

If you could only have 15 books for the next year, what books would you choose?
Hmm…excluding school books??
The Bible, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Jane Eyre, The Screwtape Letters, The Man who was Thursday, The Night Circus, The Giver Quartet books, The Ruby Red Trilogy, The Homelanders Series, and The Eye of the Minds.

What youtube channels are you enjoying right now?
CurlyPenny, Cicily Boone, Studio C, Blimey Cow, Cimorelli, Michelle Reed, emmacatherine09, LizzieLovesBooks, and CassJayTuck.

ha…I watch a lot of youtube.
(Oh and Pentatonix!  How could I forget them?!)


And I’m not gonna create questions and nominate anyone, because pretty much everyone I know has already done this.  Sorry!








9 thoughts on “Infinity Dreams Blog Award

  1. thewritingpegasus

    I looooovveee Pentatonix! My favorite songs that they’ve done are “Can’t Sleep Love” and “Cheerleader”.


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