NaPoWriMo {Day 14}

Style: Senryu

And isn’t it queer
How we can thrust those away
Who love us the most

And isn’t it strange
How those who we love the most
Can push us away


NaPoWriMo {Day 13}

Style: Lauranelle

Too lingering have I been on this road
imploring for an oasis of sorts
however, not all that glitters is gold

Parched tongue, parched mouth, parched soul in this here place
yet as I collapse to battered worn knees,
no azure drop will permit me to taste

Perhaps more arid stretches to defy
so I ascend, unsteady, to worn feet
yet candor does not speak lies-all is dry

So I precede to roam alongside dust
while defeat stalks me with iron talons
all is weary, nothing remains robust

Suddenly, the desert is morphed alive
sand snarling, thrashing, pondering quicksand
feet are clasped, arms are bound, no place to dive

Now the fiery orb tries to burn my skin
strives to alight this soul of mine alive,
as the sky is melting amidst the din

Then a silhouette shadows overhead
up I am hoisted, above where I fled
the stranger arrives, between the broken
To no oasis, but to the ocean


NaPoWriMo {Day 12}

Style: Cascade

Craving something only the heavens can brush
The here now cannot contain this soul
Take off the lens, my dear

I trod as if fashioned of dreams
Steps unable to kiss the earth
Craving something only the heavens can brush

Rigid handshakes with phantoms
Exchanged mock, wide-eyed smiles with ghosts
The here now cannot contain this soul

Then you appeared
Hues and tints and shades spilling on this white and black tiled world
Take off the lens, my dear

NaPoWriMo {Day 11}


Style: Triolet


You sparked the blaze within
Embers tattooed across the waning sky
Scattered ash revealed only the places we had been
You sparked the blaze within
The pinprick of flame winked into existence, alighting my skin
It blossomed into a forest fire, devouring high
You sparked the blaze within
Embers tattooed across the waning sky

NaPoWriMo {Day 10}

So I was inspired by Grace to try out some book spine poetry.  It was fun choosing out the titles, but also hard because it requires a good amount of creativity.  If you’re doing NaPoWriMo I would recommend doing it!  It’s super fun.  🙂  (And if you’re not taking part in NaPoWriMo, do it as well!)



The Giver;

Rainbow Valley

Deep Blue

Between Shades of Gray 

Black as Night

Let me explain…

“The Giver” is God.  The “Rainbow Valley”, “Deep Blue”, “Between Shades of Gray”, and “Black as Night” are all phases we go through in life.  “Rainbow Valley” is the time in life when we are carefree children, and see the world as a bright, happy place.  “Deep Blue” symbolizes adolescence and maturity.  “Between Shades of Gray” is the period of time in life when we are unsure of what is right and wrong anymore, and grapple to find the truth and what it is we believe in exactly.  And “Black as Night” is when we go through difficult and dark times.
God is there throughout it all, with us in every step and stage of our life.

Hope you enjoyed!


NaPoWriMo {Day 9}

So magnetized
was I to the stars, and to you,
it must have slipped this mind of mine
behind arms that embraced me
[and the universe, too.]
concealed behind the flash of smile
declared somewhere in the space between a murmur and bellow,
engraving a smile onto my face.
Words causing me to ponder,
to gaze upon the stars in a new light.
But then realization struck-
glass upon the table.
And now I see through eyes unclouded.
Fumbled intentions,
slipped between the crack of a too familiar smile
arms fallen to the side
uncurled smile
words vacant, worn out because of time.
It was hard slipping away
yet I had to,
in order to breathe.
And now you’re lost somewhere in the constellations
And I’m filling up the pages
with words of you.

NaPoWriMo {Day 8}

Style: Loop


The air here sits vacant
vacant from your presence
presence first broken by winter’s arrival
arrival that withered, then made anew by spring
spring came with a bouquet of flowers
flowers strewn across the fields, but not in my soul
soul lay bare; no water, no seeds
seeds were lost somewhere upon the frozen ground
ground not yet thawed by spring’s growth
growth, that is what is needed in this empty place
place where you belong
belong, but no longer can be

NaPoWriMo {Day 7}

Anddd this wraps up week one of NaPoWriMo! 🙂  For week two I will be moving away from the themes of nature and outdoors, so stay tuned!
I belong with the thunder & lightning
With their crackling explosion, and veins  s n a k i n g
across the sky.

I belong with the wind
Unfurling itself across time and  s p a c e,
With no place to call home.

I belong with the light at the moment of daybreak
When the before is silence and  d a r k n e s s,
And the after is a match to a candle, a world lit up.

I belong with the pale and wind torn sky
Just before the drops descend from the  h e a v e n s
I belong with the howl and pounding of rain.

For I belong between the cracks
In hiding places least  e x p e c t e d
Those forgotten, those faded and worn.


NaPoWriMo {Day 6}

Inspired by my huge love of Venice.  Even though the poem may be short, the style (decuain) was really tricky and hard to do, and took me a while to complete.  It requires 10 lines with 10 syllables per line, and has to rhyme.  I liked how it turned out, though!
(Day 7’s poem will be posted later today!)
Style: Decuain

Water Abode

Venice, land etched of great watery beds,
built beneath curtains of glistening foam.
Salty taste and touch throughout the wind threads
to meet all corners of the water home.
Pigeons shed a feather in St. Mark’s square
by majestic cathedrals of ancient,
which visitors halt hasty steps to stare.
Entwined in the maze, no place is vacant.
And when gondolas weave through water road,
I know I have found my long lost abode.


NaPoWriMo {Day 5}


Wildflower heart

Her eyes wander over the meadow made of the sea,
Vibrant waves and depths of blue
Where all is stained in shades of color.

Stretching her arms upon the melting sun,
She allowed the hues
To paint themselves upon her soul.

The wildflowers called to her,
The name sweet upon the breeze
And her restless heart yearned to join their abode.

So she allowed herself a blissful loss
In this sea of a home, where the anchor was her soul
She had never belonged to a black and white world.