NaPoWriMo {Day 7}

Anddd this wraps up week one of NaPoWriMo! 🙂  For week two I will be moving away from the themes of nature and outdoors, so stay tuned!
I belong with the thunder & lightning
With their crackling explosion, and veins  s n a k i n g
across the sky.

I belong with the wind
Unfurling itself across time and  s p a c e,
With no place to call home.

I belong with the light at the moment of daybreak
When the before is silence and  d a r k n e s s,
And the after is a match to a candle, a world lit up.

I belong with the pale and wind torn sky
Just before the drops descend from the  h e a v e n s
I belong with the howl and pounding of rain.

For I belong between the cracks
In hiding places least  e x p e c t e d
Those forgotten, those faded and worn.



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