NaPoWriMo {Day 9}

So magnetized
was I to the stars, and to you,
it must have slipped this mind of mine
behind arms that embraced me
[and the universe, too.]
concealed behind the flash of smile
declared somewhere in the space between a murmur and bellow,
engraving a smile onto my face.
Words causing me to ponder,
to gaze upon the stars in a new light.
But then realization struck-
glass upon the table.
And now I see through eyes unclouded.
Fumbled intentions,
slipped between the crack of a too familiar smile
arms fallen to the side
uncurled smile
words vacant, worn out because of time.
It was hard slipping away
yet I had to,
in order to breathe.
And now you’re lost somewhere in the constellations
And I’m filling up the pages
with words of you.


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