NaPoWriMo {Day 10}

So I was inspired by Grace to try out some book spine poetry.  It was fun choosing out the titles, but also hard because it requires a good amount of creativity.  If you’re doing NaPoWriMo I would recommend doing it!  It’s super fun.  🙂  (And if you’re not taking part in NaPoWriMo, do it as well!)



The Giver;

Rainbow Valley

Deep Blue

Between Shades of Gray 

Black as Night

Let me explain…

“The Giver” is God.  The “Rainbow Valley”, “Deep Blue”, “Between Shades of Gray”, and “Black as Night” are all phases we go through in life.  “Rainbow Valley” is the time in life when we are carefree children, and see the world as a bright, happy place.  “Deep Blue” symbolizes adolescence and maturity.  “Between Shades of Gray” is the period of time in life when we are unsure of what is right and wrong anymore, and grapple to find the truth and what it is we believe in exactly.  And “Black as Night” is when we go through difficult and dark times.
God is there throughout it all, with us in every step and stage of our life.

Hope you enjoyed!



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