NaPoWriMo {Day 13}

Style: Lauranelle

Too lingering have I been on this road
imploring for an oasis of sorts
however, not all that glitters is gold

Parched tongue, parched mouth, parched soul in this here place
yet as I collapse to battered worn knees,
no azure drop will permit me to taste

Perhaps more arid stretches to defy
so I ascend, unsteady, to worn feet
yet candor does not speak lies-all is dry

So I precede to roam alongside dust
while defeat stalks me with iron talons
all is weary, nothing remains robust

Suddenly, the desert is morphed alive
sand snarling, thrashing, pondering quicksand
feet are clasped, arms are bound, no place to dive

Now the fiery orb tries to burn my skin
strives to alight this soul of mine alive,
as the sky is melting amidst the din

Then a silhouette shadows overhead
up I am hoisted, above where I fled
the stranger arrives, between the broken
To no oasis, but to the ocean



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