Hi all,

It feels so strange to be writing a post, because I feel like I haven’t been on wordpress in forever.
Basically, I didn’t post any of my poetry for NaPoWriMo for the last two weeks because I was crazy busy during that time.  I was participating in an activity at my friend’s church, and we were going to a competition for it.  We had been preparing for this competition for months, so the two weeks before performance I was super busy at practices.  When I finally caught up with the poetry, I figured there was no point in posting any of it, since NaPoWriMo had already finished.
So something poetry-related that happened at this competition was that I entered the poetry category, and advanced to the next stage of the competition!  (Nationals.) So that was super exciting. 😀
So anyway, that’s why I haven’t been on wordpress recently, just in case anyone was wondering.  I’m back though, and hope to be posting soon!
On that note, I would love it if any of you could leave some requests for what you would like me to post.  Musings/writings/other.  Feel free to leave your thoughts! 🙂



10 thoughts on “Update

  1. I’m glad you’re back! Congratulations on the poetry competition, too! Would it happen to be with IFCA? I did something similar to that last month, so maybe it’s the same thing. =)

    I personally would love for you to post some of your NaPo poetry even though April’s over. I think you can share it as long past April as you want. Besides, some other bloggers and I are actually doing our own NaPoWriMo this month (since April was already crazy for me =P), so you won’t be the only one post NaPo poems!

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    1. Thank you!! =) No it isn’t, it’s called Fine Arts. I haven’t heard of that, is it a poetry competition?
      Oh yeah, I had remembered you saying you were going to be doing NaPoWriMo in May! That’s true. If there are some poems I see fit to post from NaPo, I’ll do it then. 🙂

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      1. Ah, okay. It sounds cool! Not specifically—there are different things you can do that you get critiqued on (things that help you serve your church, like singing or Bible teaching). I entered the inspirational writing section once.

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  2. I was wondering where you had gone; figured it was something awesome keeping you away. Turns out it was! Congratulations on making it to Nationals!! And anything you post is always a delightful read, write watchya’ want!

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