New adventures…

Hi, all.
I have some news…I will be attending World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland.  If you don’t know what WYD is, it is a huge event for Catholics that happens every three years at different locations across the world.  This year, there will be about 2 million people attending.  (Yah-2 million!)  The group I am going with is also traveling throughout Europe as well as attending WYD.  So I will be gone for a month, starting July 22nd, and will be back August 22nd.
My friend marked our route on google maps:


We’ll be traveling in Germany and Italy.  (And I’ll get to see Venice!!  It’s been my dream since forever to go.  I wrote a poem on it for NaPo because I love it so much, haha.)

I’m so thankful for this opportunity, and for God allowing it to happen. (I prayed a ton-prayer is really powerful people!)  I didn’t think I would be going.  I wasn’t originally planning on going, then signed up late and was put on the waiting list.  I found out two days ago, which is less than two weeks before the group leaves.
I’m excited, but also inwardly terrified.  My group will be doing a ton of walking, and we’ll mainly be sleeping in pilgrim houses, or whatever is available.  It’s nothing fancy at all.  Also the thought of a ten hour flight to get to Poland is also slightly terrifying.
I’d appreciate prayers, and I’d love to pray for you guys!  If you have any prayer requests for me, feel free to leave them down below that I can pray for you on the pilgrimage.
I won’t be able to get internet access at all, so I won’t be posting anything on my blog while I’m gone.  I’m going to miss interacting with you guys, and reading all your posts!
This won’t be my last post, though.  Before I leave, I really want to catch up on my tags.
I know I have been nominated for tags I have never gotten to, so PLEASE PLEASE tell me if you have nominated me for something!  Honestly I am just forgetful, and I want to know if there is something you tagged me in that I didn’t do.  I’ll try to get to it!




11 thoughts on “New adventures…

  1. I must have been in another universe to not have seen this!!! How was it?? A group of kids and young adults from my church went and they had a blast. They went to Auswitzch and a few other places before Kraków. I was considering going but I went on a different retreat instead. I think they all slept in a tiny apartment in Kraków, idk. But that is SO exciting!!!

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