positivity: optimist vs. pessimist

One thing I’ve come to realize about myself is that I’m not naturally a positive person.  I’m not the kind of person that walks into a room and brings everyone down with my negativity, or a constant whiner and complainer.  But I’ve always viewed the world in a glass half-empty type of way.  I’m a big realist, and tend to focus on the bad, and often only the bad.
But recently this has shifted.  I’ve come to “learn” positivity.  It’s not something that I naturally turn to, but it’s something I’ve taught myself to do and it’s become more natural over time.  While I may focus on negativity, and be sucked into a downward spiral, I  can now pull myself out of it easier.  I can deal with tough situations with a newfound hope and positivity.  I can find the silver lining.
I’ve also come to realize how much I dislike unnecessary negative people.  I always have, but recently it’s been something I’ve found I especially dislike.  I don’t have time for those who constantly complain and bring others down with their pessimism, especially about trivial things that don’t affect the grand scheme of life.   I’m happy with my progress and where I am now.  Because how I see it is this: you can find a 100 bad things about the world, but you can also fine 100 good.


6 thoughts on “positivity: optimist vs. pessimist

  1. Kate

    Omg same here! I’ve always known that I had a cynical view in life. I just find it so easy to see the bad. When I’ve read my old posts, I notice that I tend to become cynical and sarcastic. But now I’ve learned looking at the better side of things. I’m still not a highly optimistic person, but I get to choose to be more positive when need be 😊 Great post!

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