Wow, this year passed like a whirlwind.
I’m not one for overly cheesy yearly recaps, but 2016 deserves a review.

2016 was one of the best, if not best, years for me since my childhood years.  There were some bumps in the road, and rough lows, but that’s a guarantee.  No picture perfect, polished year exists.
2016 was a year of growth for me.  I did things I never thought I would, like getting the chance to attend World Youth Day and travel Europe, and get my license.
I’m glad for all the yes’s God answered me, and all the no’s.  I’m glad for the ups and downs; I’m thankful for it all.
Life isn’t easy.  Life is a difficult, emotional, turbulent, beautiful ride.  I’m glad God created me for it.  And I believe everyone should feel that way, too.

I don’t have “new year’s resolutions”; I see them more as yearly goals.  My goals this year are to be selfish, and be content.

Selfish not in a self-centered way, but in a self-loving way.  I no longer want to give of myself to people who abuse that, or don’t reciprocate.  My guard against those kind of people will be higher than ever, because I am tired of being knocked down when I’ve only ever had good intentions.
I don’t want to be a marionette, altering myself to be what or who I think others would want me to be.

I have a good feeling about this year.  I have a feeling God is going to shake the whole world.
So here’s to 2017.  I’m ready for you.




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