Why I march.


Now let me start off by saying this: this topic is controversial.  It may or may not offend somebody.
But I don’t care.  I don’t care because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and this is mine.  I share my beliefs and opinions in a respectful manner.  I don’t bash or tear apart anybody else who thinks differently than me.  So I ask you do the same.
I’ve felt hesitant to share my views on touchy subjects like these, especially with all the hated and controversy going on this time in history.  But I don’t want to feel that way anymore.  So if you don’t like what I have to say, simply click out.  It’s that easy.

I don’t share a lot of my own personal beliefs, but with the annual March for Life approaching in two days, I had a strong desire to talk about it and share my thoughts.  I think it’s important, especially as it concerns human life.

I’ve attended the March for Life almost every year since I was a child.  It’s a powerful experience to walk down streets that have been shut down because so many people are marching, and hear talks given over loudspeakers to thousands.  To march for hours despite the cold, bad weather, and frozen feet.  To unite with people from all over-young and old, local and international-to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.  To raise voices together, to chant together, to sing together, to shout together.

It’s an incredible feeling to be part of something much bigger than yourself, fighting together for a common cause.  I feel so proud knowing I’m part of it.

In Poland this summer I visited the concentration camp of Auschwitz.  As I walked along the roads, and read the descriptions of the numerous tortures and killings that went in the camp, everyone was silent.  The feel of the place was eerie and dark.
And that’s when it hit me:
this is going on today.  And it’s happening right under our noses.
Thousands of people are getting killed every day.  It’s mass murder.  It doesn’t matter if it’s freely permitted by somebody, it’s still mass murder.
This is what happened with the Jews.  With the Aztecs.  And now today, in the 21st century.
Only now, it’s hushed.  It’s taboo.  It’s controversial.
But should it be, when human rights are concerned?

So that’s why I march.  To stand up for innocent people.  To raise awareness, and to spread the word.  I know that even if abortion doesn’t end in my lifetime, I did something to  contribute to the end of it, even if it was small.
If you’ve never attended the March for Life in D.C. before, and live a reasonable distance from it, I would highly recommend attending.  It’s a powerful experience.
And I look forward to marching over and over again, as long as it is necessary.


4 thoughts on “Why I march.

  1. Yes Yes Yes! Thank you for sharing your views Bernie, I am so happy to see this on my Reader 🙂 I myself can’t go, but I am doing a novena for those who are unborn, that they may be given their right to live. I hope it goes well! I heard last year people got snowed in, so I hope the weather is easier this year 😛
    God bless you Bernie! ❤

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