A little about me, Bernie…

Image result for exploding head girl pinterest
{accurate portrayal of moi}

welcome to my creative corner of the internet.  I post my musings, writings, and more.  Stick around if you like.  😉

INFJ / proud Christian / writer / poet / reader / online-schooled / violinist / lover of cats


28 thoughts on “A little about me, Bernie…

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  4. We’re so similar! I’m also an INFJ, and I love love love books! I have a super cute three-legged cat called Millie and, even though she’s really fat and lazy, I love her to bits! Nice blog 🙂
    Simi ~ simizat.wordpress.com

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    1. Ahh, that’s so cool! We do have a lot in common! Thank you! =) I will definitely check out your blog soon! (I recently got back from a month long trip in Europe so that’s why I’m responding so late, sorry!)

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