What I listen to

Possibly one of the hardest questions for me to answer is “what type of music do you listen to?”
So I’ve decided to make a compilation of my favorite music, right here for your viewing.


Image result for pure heroine album cover


First off, my favorite Lorde.  This album is my everything; I genuinely love every song on here (with the exception of one song) and that’s rare for me to say of an album.  Lorde’s music really speaks to me, and I relate to so many of her songs.  My favorites are A World Alone, Bravado, and Buzzcut Season.



Imagine Dragons

I am a huge Imagine Dragons fan, and I especially love their new single.  My all-time favorites are Roots, and anything off their Night Visons album.




Surpringsly, I like her newest single.  When I first heard it I wasn’t a fan, as it’s a lot more pop than her older music.  But after listening to it a few times and letting the lyrics sink in, I discovered my love for it.


Image result for woodkid golden age


Woodkid has the type of music perfect for the background of an action/adventure movie.  My favorite of his in Conquest of Spaces.


Image result for honeywater album


Honeywater is my go-to whenever I want something relaxing that can put me to sleep.  My favorites of theirs are Southern Wild and Evergreen.


Image result for zella day kicker

Zella Day

I love Zella Day’s sound.  I have yet to explore more of her music, but my current favorites are Compass and East of Eden.


& that’s about it!  I listen to many other artists and types of sounds, but these are my favorites.  If you share a love of any of these artists with me, comment below.








10 things I learnt from a month long pilgrimage

imageHeeyyya everyone!

So I got back from Europe the 22nd of August.  It was SUCH an amazing experience, and something I know I’ll never forgot.  I’m so blessed to have gone, and seen and done all that I did.
I wanted to share 10 things I learnt from my experience.  (May sound like I put a lot of thought into it, but it reality it was a list I whipped up on my phone during a bus ride.)


  1. You can’t control everything, and that’s ok.  Life is not meant to be lived with full preparation, and it’s not meant to be perfect.

2.  You can only achieve greatness in life outside of your comfort zone.

3.  Don’t judge people by their covers.  They can surprise you and be something       completely different than you thought.  Get the chance to actually know them.

4.  Fully trusting in God can be very difficult, but it is something worthwhile that will carry you throughout life.  Learn to do it now.

5.  Don’t be afraid to show your imperfect, quirky side to people.  People gravitate toward genuineness and honesty, and if you show that side of yourself, chances are people will appreciate that more than the constantly put together, perfect person.

6.  Reach out to people.  Just say hi.  You never know what that can lead to.  It doesn’t necessarily have to lead to something big, but sometimes it can lead to lifelong friendships.

7.  Live in the moment.  Don’t be afraid to understand every detail of a building, or to take the perfect pictures.  Just soak in the moment as it is.

8.  Knowledge is power.  Learn as much as you can about the sites you’re visiting, and pay attention to the small details no one else does.  Really listen to the tour guide.  Take your time.

9.  Don’t be disappointed; everything happens for a reason.  Not getting into a museum or rooming with your friends is sometimes the very thing that’s supposed to happen.  Trust in God’s plan.

10.  Don’t be worried about remembering every detail of the trip, or documenting every single thing down.  Years from now, looking back on your experience, the little details won’t matter, the memories will.







New adventures…

Hi, all.
I have some news…I will be attending World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland.  If you don’t know what WYD is, it is a huge event for Catholics that happens every three years at different locations across the world.  This year, there will be about 2 million people attending.  (Yah-2 million!)  The group I am going with is also traveling throughout Europe as well as attending WYD.  So I will be gone for a month, starting July 22nd, and will be back August 22nd.
My friend marked our route on google maps:


We’ll be traveling in Germany and Italy.  (And I’ll get to see Venice!!  It’s been my dream since forever to go.  I wrote a poem on it for NaPo because I love it so much, haha.)

I’m so thankful for this opportunity, and for God allowing it to happen. (I prayed a ton-prayer is really powerful people!)  I didn’t think I would be going.  I wasn’t originally planning on going, then signed up late and was put on the waiting list.  I found out two days ago, which is less than two weeks before the group leaves.
I’m excited, but also inwardly terrified.  My group will be doing a ton of walking, and we’ll mainly be sleeping in pilgrim houses, or whatever is available.  It’s nothing fancy at all.  Also the thought of a ten hour flight to get to Poland is also slightly terrifying.
I’d appreciate prayers, and I’d love to pray for you guys!  If you have any prayer requests for me, feel free to leave them down below that I can pray for you on the pilgrimage.
I won’t be able to get internet access at all, so I won’t be posting anything on my blog while I’m gone.  I’m going to miss interacting with you guys, and reading all your posts!
This won’t be my last post, though.  Before I leave, I really want to catch up on my tags.
I know I have been nominated for tags I have never gotten to, so PLEASE PLEASE tell me if you have nominated me for something!  Honestly I am just forgetful, and I want to know if there is something you tagged me in that I didn’t do.  I’ll try to get to it!




Hi all,

It feels so strange to be writing a post, because I feel like I haven’t been on wordpress in forever.
Basically, I didn’t post any of my poetry for NaPoWriMo for the last two weeks because I was crazy busy during that time.  I was participating in an activity at my friend’s church, and we were going to a competition for it.  We had been preparing for this competition for months, so the two weeks before performance I was super busy at practices.  When I finally caught up with the poetry, I figured there was no point in posting any of it, since NaPoWriMo had already finished.
So something poetry-related that happened at this competition was that I entered the poetry category, and advanced to the next stage of the competition!  (Nationals.) So that was super exciting. 😀
So anyway, that’s why I haven’t been on wordpress recently, just in case anyone was wondering.  I’m back though, and hope to be posting soon!
On that note, I would love it if any of you could leave some requests for what you would like me to post.  Musings/writings/other.  Feel free to leave your thoughts! 🙂


NaPoWriMo {Day 8}

Style: Loop


The air here sits vacant
vacant from your presence
presence first broken by winter’s arrival
arrival that withered, then made anew by spring
spring came with a bouquet of flowers
flowers strewn across the fields, but not in my soul
soul lay bare; no water, no seeds
seeds were lost somewhere upon the frozen ground
ground not yet thawed by spring’s growth
growth, that is what is needed in this empty place
place where you belong
belong, but no longer can be

I’m doing NaPoWriMo!

Hi all!
So this year I’m taking part in the National Poetry Writing Month.  In case you didn’t know, it is similar to NaNoWriMo, only instead of writing a novel, the challenge is to write a poem everyday for the entire month of April.
It’s less official than NaNoWriMo however, so there isn’t many places to display your work besides a blog or website.
{ Here’s the NaPoWriMo website: http://www.napowrimo.net/ }

I will most likely not be posting every poem I write, but will still be posting!

Are you doing NaNoWriMo?  If so, will you be posting your poems to your blog?



Tech difficulties??

So I’ve been trying to set a header image for my blog for quite a while now, but every time I try, the header is ALWAYS blurry/bad quality.  I’ve tried everything, from using the pixels they suggest, to searching on the internet how to set a clear header, but nothing helps.  (The only header that is not blurry is the suggested one my theme comes with.)

Does anybody have any tips for this??  If you do, thank you so much!


Random: I don’t know how to hold a pencil

So something new has popped up in my life, and that something is that I am learning how to hold a pencil.
Basically, when I was first learning to hold a pencil as a child, I didn’t like the way I was taught to hold it.  So I just held it the way it felt comfortable for me, and didn’t think anything of it.
The way I hold a pencil is basically bunching up my hand around it.  Doing it this way causes it to rub against my ring finger, so I have had a big bump on my right ring finger since I was little.
Recently, I realized it was probably best to learn how to hold a pencil the right way, after so many years of doing it wrong.  So I googled it today, and have been practicing.  It’s pretty strange and uncomfortable, but I’m hoping to get better at it over time.
It’s just funny to me that I love writing so much, yet don’t even know how to hold a pencil the right way. XD

Is there a chance anyone else has experienced this??

10:07 reminder

I am here to tell you…


that you are enough.  That you are more than enough.  That you could not be more enough, even if you tried.  No matter how much makeup you put on your face.  No matter the type of clothes you wear.  No matter the number on the scale.  No matter the amount of friends you have.  No matter how many people in your life care for you or not.  No matter the size of your social media following.


I am also here to tell you…

that you are beautiful.  Yes, YOU.
We’ve all heard it before.  It’s an overused saying.  But do you really believe it, deep down to your core?  Do you believe that you are a work of art, full of worth and value?  Because you are.
No matter what.
No matter your insecurities.  Whether they be physical-your hair, your weight, your height, your eyes-or non physical-your personality, who you are, your flaws, your mistakes.

You are beautiful whether people tell you or not.  You are beautiful whether you live in a big house with a loving family, or struggle financially with a broken home.  You are beautiful whether you wear makeup or not.  You are beautiful whether you always manage to look put together, or are convinced you always look like a trainwreck.

Yes, you’ve been hurt before.  We all have.
Everyone has insecurities.  Everyone has secrets.  Everyone has dark places within them that they’d like to hide from.  Everyone has been mistreated, hurt, and used.  Or maybe not-maybe the problem is that too little has happened.  Maybe you’ve had an absence-an absence of love, an absence of acceptance, an absence of being wanted.
Everyone is broken.  Everyone is damaged.  Everyone has experienced pain and struggle.  Everyone has reached a point where they thought they could no longer continue battling their demons.
And that’s the unfortunate part about the world.  Because you deserve to be loved, you deserve to be treated with respect, you deserve to be accepted, you deserve to be wanted, and you deserve to have peace.  You deserve to be happy, deep down to your core.

So don’t believe the lies of the world telling you that you aren’t good enough.  They are countless-the media, society, magazines, social media.  Telling you to lose a little more weight.  To wear these clothes and look that way to be happy and liked by others.  To change who you are; be less of this, and more of that.

Don’t believe the lies of others.  There will be many people in your life who will try to tear you down, to give you a piece of the pain they have carried around for too long.   Steer clear of these people.  They are hurting, just like you.  But that doesn’t validate them hurting and breaking others apart.

And most importantly-don’t believe the lies you feed yourself.  Your thoughts, your words; they can be incredibly powerful for good, but also destructive.  Uplift yourself, strive to be positive.  If you can listen so intently to your negative thoughts, why do you shut out the positive ones?

So never forgot: you are enough, you are worthy, you are beautiful.  You have so much to offer to the world.  You are deeply loved.  You are deeply wanted.

Prove the world and yourself wrong by marching ahead.




Tips for dealing with anxiety

So I have dealt with anxiety for quite a while now, and there has been a lot of things that I have learnt because of it, mainly on how to deal with it.  So I thought I would give a couple of tips that have helped me to cope, to help out anyone else who may be struggling.  If you struggle with anxiety, I hope these can help you out!

1.  Acknowledge the anxious thoughts.
This was a huge one for me.  You might think, “Why would I want to do that?  The last thing I want is to think about the things that give me anxiety!”  But think about it.  If you were sat down and told to sit still for five minutes and not think about purple elephants, chances are, you are going to be thinking about purple elephants.
Whenever I used to get anxiety, I would try to push the thoughts away.  But that made it even worse.  So what I started to do was come up with this system of breaking down each of my anxious thoughts, acknowledge them, replace them with a positive one, and then imagine that I was pushing the thought out of my mind.

2.  Breathe
BREATHE BREATHE BREATHE.  This is so important.  When my counselor first told me about doing breathing exercises, I didn’t think it would help me out whatsoever.  But it helps out so much!
To do this breathing correctly, you need to take a deep inhale through your nose, hold the breathe for a couple of seconds, then slowly exhale through your mouth.  I would do this breathing whenever I would get anxiety, and it really helped me to calm down.
One big thing that helps is to accompany the breathing with phrases.  I’ll imagine “breathing in” a positive phrase, then “exhaling” a negative one.  There are tons of phrases I’ll use, but the ones I use the most is reciting with the breathing, “breathing in positivity, breathing out negativity.”  And, “breathing in peace, breathing out anxiety.”  You can use just about any phrase that works best for you!

3.  Take care of yourself
You might not realize how connected the body and mind is, but they really are.  If you struggle with anxiety and eat a ton of junk food, lie around all day and not get enough physical activity, and not get enough hours of sleep, your anxiety is just going to increase.
Doing the basics of taking care of yourself, like eating healthy, doing physical activity, and sleeping enough will help ease your anxiety.
Exercise helps so much.  I never used to think it did, but it really does, and not just with problems like anxiety!  It can help out with many others, like depression.
One physical activity that helped me was doing some yoga I found off of youtube.  Even though it wasn’t that physically intense, it really helped to calm down my mind and body.  Another thing that helped was doing some meditation videos that I also found on youtube, that were specifically for anxiety.

4.  Get help
If you struggle with anxiety or suspect you might be, the first thing you should do is tell someone.  The best person to tell is a parent, or someone else you trust who can do something about it.  Anxiety is way to much to carry on your own, trust me.
Counseling/therapy is also an option.  You might feel ashamed to go and talk to someone about your problems, but counseling can help so much.  For me personally, counseling was one of the best things to ever happen to help my anxiety.  I honestly don’t think I would have gotten to the place I am now if it weren’t for my counselor.  And I know some people are against counseling, or are iffy about it, but I would say just try it out!  It might help you in more ways than you may think.

5.  Encourage yourself
I used to beat myself up about my anxiety all the time, and used to think I would never get better.  But ENCOURAGE yourself.  Tell yourself you are brave, you are strong, and that you can get through this.  I’m a firm believer that God would never allow a struggle in someone’s life if they could not handle it.  In the beginning, I felt really overwhelmed with my anxiety, and kept on questioning God why He’d allow it to happen to me.  But if you try to stay positive, and realize you will be so much more stronger coming out of this, you’ll be on the right track.  Anxiety gets better.  Struggle is temporary.  You can’t necessarily control anxiety coming into your life, but you can control on how you deal with it.  Lift yourself up.  Tell yourself you can do this.  One thing that helped me, at the recommendation of my counselor, was to keep a journal and write down a list every day of either what I was thankful, for or what I liked about myself.  Doing that helped me have a more positive outlook on the whole situation.


So that’s it!  I have a ton of other stuff that I have done to help me better manage my anxiety, but I would say those are my best tips. 🙂 If you have any ways or tips that you use that have helped you out with your anxiety, feel free to leave them down below! 🙂

Remember, you’re never alone.  You can get through this! xx